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Digital university teaching

Together we are committed to future-oriented university teaching that offers teachers and students new opportunities. Modern software solutions for digital teaching are used, which enable the universities to design a sustainable teaching and learning environment. We work exclusively with open source software, with which all universities maintain their digital sovereignty.

We choose open source

Our software should offer society added value, it promotes education and is freely accessible - because we rely on open source software. With the worldwide free use of the software through open license models, we enable participation through the availability of digital teaching concepts. The large number of active developers from the international communities enable faster security patches and the quick fix of challenges in the code, which become visible through open access.

How we support universities

Further and new development

und Support

Advice and workshops on the use of open source software

Beratung, Konzeption und Umsetzung von UX und UI Design

Opencast is a flexible and reliable open source lecture capture system (http://opencast.org/). The application is optimized for academic institutions and was developed by a community of developers from leading universities and organizations worldwide. Through the interfaces of the common learning management systems and BigBluButton, Opencast can be easily integrated into the infrastructure of digital university teaching.

What Opencast offers

  • Lecture recording, self-recording and much more

  • Connection to your LMS through large selection of plugins

  • Time-controlled recordings directly from the lecture hall

  • Flexible rights management for internal or public videos

  • Self-recording studio through Opencast Studio with cam and screen recording (studio.opencast.org)

  • video portal (tobira.opencast.org)

  • Automatic video processing through workflows (e.g. compression, scaling, etc.)

  • Videoeditor zum niedrigschwelligen Bearbeiten von Videoschnitt und Spuren, Untertitel, Vorschaubildern und Metadaten (editor.opencast.org)

  • Ongoing optimization of accessibility

  • Subtitle editor, automatic chapter markers per slide and many other comfort features

Selection of Opencast projects

Our Opencast services

We are at home in the Opencast community and, as a committer for the Opencast Community Repository, we offer your university professional support and advice for your next Opencast project. 

Together with you we will work out the optimal one for your facility Use of Opencast and Opencast tools into the existing infrastructure and the learning management system. Also the New and further developments of Opencast Core and Opencast projects e.g. for new features, accessibility and performance improvements you can implement with us. 

We draw on experience and knowledge from more than 40 Opencast instances operated by us in the DACH region. This includes scenarios from 2,500 to 25,000 students. We also support all these institutions with one comprehensive support.

Opencast Hosting

Wir bieten ein skalierbares All-in-One Opencast Cloud Hosting an. Das Opencast Hosting ist für kleine und mittlere Hochschulen optimiert und nutzt die DSGVO-konforme Infrastruktur der Academic Cloud, einem universitären Rechenzentrum mit Sitz in Göttingen.
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Stud.IP is a modern learning management system for teaching, learning and administration (https://www.studip.de/). The name is made up of the abbreviation for Study companion Internet support of Presence teaching together. The digital work environment, published under the free GPL license, offers teachers and students space for communication, information exchange and the organization of courses. Stud.IP offers a number of plugins to facilitate digital teaching, such as the Opencast integration and the Bigbluebutton integration. The long-term vision of Stud.IP is co-designed by ELAN e.V.

This is what Stud.IP offers

  • flexible mapping of course and administration structures
  • Direct integration of Opencast with the Stud.IP Opencast plugin for a seamless teaching and learning experience

  • Personal working environment for teachers to create content and depict exam scenarios

  • Diverse number of interfaces e.g. to Opencast, Moodle, BigBlueButton, LDAP and Nextcloud

  • continuous development of accessibility

  • Room management, wiki, forums, rights management and much more

Selection of our Stud.IP projects

Our Stud.IP services

ELAN e.V. has been a member of the Stud.IP CoreGroup for many years and works intensively in the community, e.g. through issues processing, bug fixes, security patches and much more. 

Together with you we set up the Operation of Stud.IP in your facility and offer comprehensive support. One Individual advice and conception for the use of Stud.IP integrated into the existing infrastructure are particularly important to us. Next to the (Further) development of Stud.IP plugins we also offer your university the Stud.IP core development, e.g. for new features, accessibility and performance improvements .

Other open source software projects

Videokonferenz Systeme

Wir integrieren, konfigurieren und hosten Videokonferenz Systeme nach den Bedürfnissen deiner Hochschule. Das Videokonferenz System ist für die digitale Lehre zugeschnitten. Durch die verschlüsselte Datenübertragung und die Möglichkeit, das System auf eigenen Servern zu betreiben, kann der Datenschutz nachprüfbar eingehalten werden.



ILIAS ist das weit verbreitetste Lernmanagementsystem. (https://www.ilias.de/)

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Weitere Open Source Lernmanagement Systeme

Deine Hochschule nutzt ein anderes Open Source Lernmanagement System? Sprich uns einfach an.


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