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Audiovisual systems and video platform

The AVVP (Audiovisual Systems and Video Platform) project served to create centrally hosted resources that could be used jointly by all Lower Saxony universities. The need for these became particularly clear during the COVID19 pandemic, as did the need to provide the funds needed to implement them. In contrast to other applications submitted to the "Innovation in University Teaching" foundation, this was not about didactic or operational issues, but about specific extensions and further developments of the software components involved for use in basic university teaching.

The following measures have been implemented:

  • Centrally hosted video platform
  • Accessibility
  • High Availability
  • Simple Hybrid Teaching
  • More self-service features for teachers

Especially when implementing the centrally hosted video platform in the "Academic Cloud", the expertise of ELAN e. V. asked. It was commissioned, in coordination with the GWDG, to deploy appropriate platforms for the participating universities and to advise the universities on the design of the systems.


Dr. Norbert Kleinefeld

Dr. Andreas Knaden

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