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Connecting Experts & Services

The ConnEx - Connecting Experts & Services project aims to network all state universities in Lower Saxony in the field of digital teaching. The target group are the teachers, as well as technical and didactic service and support facilities to promote cross-university exchange, cooperation and knowledge transfer. The networking of the universities thus fulfills the goal of the umbrella initiative Hochschule.digital Niedersachsen..

Tasks and goals of ConnEx:

  • Mapping of expertise at universities in the field of digital teaching and learning in order to facilitate and intensify the exchange of expertise. Individual service offers are to be opened reciprocally.
  • Nationwide networking of teachers and formation of communities of practice
  • Increasing the didactic teaching quality and providing a wide range of qualification measures and support

By setting up service interfaces, which are located nationwide at service and support facilities and take on coordination and service tasks, the cooperation of all Lower Saxony universities is to be promoted. The interfaces tie in with the previous activities of the three Lower Saxony joint projects SOUVER@N, Co³Learn and Futur.A that are funded by the Foundation for Innovation in University Teaching and connect them.

The umbrella initiative Hochschule.digital Niedersachsen, to which all state universities in Lower Saxony belong, was founded jointly by the Landeshochschulkonferenz, the Lower Saxony's Ministry of Science and Culture and the Volkswagen Foundationto develop sustainable digitization strategies and structures. The aim is mutual strengthening and cooperation between the universities.


Dr. Norbert Kleinefeld

Dr. Andreas Knaden

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